ADS offers the webmaster advanced Geo-Tracking with the option to automatically redirect productive traffic to any URL specified by the webmaster. When a webmaster creates his initial link to one of the 100+ sites in the ADS marketing stable he also has the option to specify where the U.S. and Canadian traffic will go.
Are you utilizing your foreign traffic currently? Use our quick price comparison to find out how much more you could be making by using our Premium Dialer Service.

Innovative Ideas has been involved in the online marketing business for over six years and has proven to be an industry leader in breakthrough technologies. With the launch of Adult Dialer Solution Innovative Ideas has answered the call for a top-notch marketing solution to deal with under-utilized foreign traffic.

Worried about unreliable dialer payments from companies you know little about? Innovative Ideas has been paying webmasters on-time for over six years. You can feel confident knowing that your payouts will always be on-time from the industry leader.

If you have any questions or concerns in the ADS system or implementation into all your traffic sources you can feel free to contact our support staff at any time and they will help you implement this advanced filtering system:
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